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Friday's rampage was a glorious thing. The suspension did its job beautifully and great fun was had by all.

Unfortunately, at the after-party in the park, both Kimmo and Bikezilla sustained injuries... Kimmo was taken out by someone on a pushie while jumping for a frisbee, and hopes his knee won't put him out of action for weeks, while Bikezilla was left to some unsupervised and uninstructed folks to joyride around the park, and its tricky double sprocket was found wanting for strength when a chain went south and got jammed... this was probably due to the fact the original chains are yet to be replaced, but nonetheless a stronger solution than brazing is being investigated.

The crew limped home around midnight, and were absolutely drenched in a massive downpour but spirits remained undampened and they partied on until dawn : )

As much as he'd like to, Kimmo can't bolt on stronger knees, but Bikezilla's improvements are ongoing.
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Suspension has been completed, and awaiting a shakedown test... it looks pretty good. Kimmo is currently enjoying some Boag's in celebration : )

I'm gonna lapse into first-person here, cause this conceit is tiresome.

No pics as of yet, cause I forgot my phone.

But it looks sweet  : )
Turns out this month's Critical Mass is a CM Birthday... in that case, it's not to be missed. Kimmo will be on the case to ensure Bikezilla's new suspension is complete and sorted by then...
trust me
Bikezilla is currently undergoing major surgery in preparation for a long and glorious life of great blitzage, in which all power will reach the ground thanks to the miracle of suspension.

With a couple of weeks to go until its next scheduled outing at Critical Mass on the 27th, there should be ample time for completion, testing and tweakage of this wondrous addition.

If Bikezilla's Head Vet is feeling particularly industrious, another 3-speed conversion may also be on the cards by then.

Alternatively, the Great Narrowing may perchance be scheduled before the completion of the suspension, to save doing some lateral braces twice, in which case all bets are off. Making this thing less than 2.5m wide will be a mission and a half. Stay tuned for confirmation of whether Bikezilla will be able to make the next Critical Mass...